Jesus The Jewish Messiah of Israel

JJMI_240x343Table of Contents

Chapter 1 – Brief introduction
Chapter 2 – My background
Chapter 3 – Childhood indoctrination on Jesus Christ
Chapter 4 – Unfruitful Jewish witnessing by Gentile Christians
Chapter 5 – How I believed in Messiah Yeshua (Jesus)
Chapter 6 – The Messiah is the Passover Lamb of God
Chapter 7 – Yom Kippur – Messiah’s role as the two goats
Chapter 8 – Back to Messianic Prophecies
Chapter 9 – On the Deity of Christ, and the Holy Trinity
Chapter 10 – My “born-again” Christian (Messianic) experience
Chapter 11 – The SHEMA points to the Holy Trinity
Chapter 12 – The Jewish Masoretic Text Version of the Old Testament
Chapter 13 – The Two Comings of the Messiah
Chapter 14 – The Name of Yeshua in the Tenakh (Old Testament)
Chapter 15 – Yeshua (Jesus), himself, claimed to be the Jewish Messiah and divine Son of God
Chapter 16 – Some Relevant Scriptures from the Tenakh (Old Testament)
Chapter 17 – What some modern Rabbis are saying about Isaiah 53
Chapter 18 – Leading Rabbinical scholars of the past believed Isaiah 53 pointed to the singular Messiah
Chapter 19 – Many orthodox Rabbis believe in Jesus Christ as the Jewish Messiah of Israel
Chapter 20 – What Flavius Josephus said about Yeshua
Chapter 21 – Major Jewish consensus is not always right
Chapter 22 – Persecution of Jews by professing Christians
Chapter 23 – High cost for Jews to believe in Jesus
Chapter 24 – Christianity is the Fulfilment of Judaism
Chapter 25 – Signs and wonders (Miracles) in the name of Messiah Yeshua
Chapter 26 – Salvation
Chapter 27 – Prayer for Salvation
Chapter 28 – Reviews
Chapter 29 – Further reading recommended by Moshe Elijah
Chapter 30 – Concluding Remarks

Jesus the  Jewish Messiah of Israel
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