Prayer for Salvation



If after reading this website, you believe in Yeshua HaMashiakh (Jesus Christ), the Almighty Son of God, and would like to receive Him as your Lord and Saviour, and thus appropriate the Blessings of God; all your sins forgiven, your conscience cleansed, peace with God and the attainment of Eternal Life in Heaven, and all the other promises of God mentioned in the Bible, then say the following prayer:

“Dear Lord Yeshua HaMashiakh (Jesus Christ), the Almighty Son of God, I believe You died on the cross near Jerusalem for the atonement of my sins, and that You rose from the dead, on the third day. I accept and receive You, by Your Holy Spirit, into my heart and life as my Lord and Saviour. Please forgive all my sins and transgressions and cleanse me from all unrighteousness with the Atoning Power of Your shed BLOOD on the Cross. I repent of, and turn away from all my sins and wrongful attitudes. I now turn to You to create in me, through the power of Your Holy Spirit, a life of obedience, love and holiness. I forgive everyone who has ever done me wrong, including those who provoked me to anger and resentment. I renounce all powers of darkness.

I thank You now, Lord Yeshua (Jesus) for cleansing me with the Power of Your BLOOD of Atonement, and giving me new life, according to Your word in the Bible. From now on, I shall pattern my life, with Your help and guidance, on Your teachings of “love my neighbour as myself ” and “forgive those who do me wrong” and other words of wisdom as expressed in the Bible. Please help me to obey the Will of God daily, including obeying Your Commandments for Godly living and to glorify Christ daily.

In Your Name, Lord Yeshua HaMashiakh (Jesus Christ), Amen.”



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