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Shalom (Hello) in the name of Messiah Yeshua (Christ Jesus).
Below is the introduction to my book “JESUS CHRIST is the JEWISH MESSIAH”.
God bless you in Yeshua’s Name.

There are over 300 Messianic Prophecies in the Jewish Old Testament – the TENAKH. They all point to only one person, Jesus Christ (Yeshua HaMashiakh), as the Jewish Messiah, the Holy One of Israel, the Saviour of the world. The Jewish prophets of the TANAKH were holy men of the God of Israel, highly respected and honoured by the Nation of Israel.

Some examples of the Messianic prophecies are:

1. Prophet Micah: Birthplace of Messiah will be Bethlehem. Prophecy was made some hundreds of BC.   Note well: BC = Before Christ

2. Prophet Daniel: The Messiah would come to Israel at the exact time Jesus Christ came. This prophecy was made over 500 BC.

3. Prophet King David: The Messiah would be killed by crucifixion. This prophecy was made 1000 BC.

4. Prophet Isaiah: The Messiah would die for the atonement of sins of other people. This prophecy was made several hundreds of years BC.

5. Prophet Daniel: The Messiah would be killed before the destruction of the second Temple. This prophecy was made about 500 BC. The second Temple was destroyed in 70 AD.

The above Messianic prophecies by highly respected Jewish prophets of the TENAKH, the Jewish Old Testament, are mentioned here briefly to introduce the subject of scriptural evidence; to prove that Jesus Christ is the Jewish Messiah of the Jewish Scriptures.

The following section analyses the scriptural evidence in the form of 10 (ten) major reasons why Jesus is the Messiah prophesied in the Jewish Bible. The analysis brings in some relevant issues; for example, a certain recently deceased Rabbi, presently declared by some orthodox Jews as “King Messiah”, cannot be the Messiah, because he was not born in Israel and his timing was wrong.

May you, reader, be blessed as you study this whole book. May the holy God of Israel help you to understand the truth of this scriptural analysis.

Moshe Elijah
Fullfilled Messianic Jew

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